Sponsoring teachers, preachers and imams

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Project Value
10000 د.ك
5142 د.ك
4858 د.ك
Project Goals
Sponsor teachers, preachers, and imams. Contribute with us a share, the value of one share of one dinar, five dinars, ten dinars, or more according to your desire, and an endowment for you and your parents. And your descendants, your family, and your loved ones Includes: Sponsoring a teacher, sponsoring a preacher, sponsoring a guardian, and contributing to the education of Muslim children and spreading correct knowledge. Islam is included in the encyclopedia (What Muslim Children Cannot Be Ignorant of) Balkan countries As well as teaching new Muslims the principles of true Islam and memorizing the Holy Qur’an for Muslims among them Sponsoring teachers, preachers, and imams